What’s in a Name?

I have a story trying to take form in my mind right now. All I know is that it involves three sister witches (totally not a Charmed rip-off, my sisters are triplets, totally different, gosh). I have a vague idea of one of the big issues they will have to face, how and why they… Continue reading What’s in a Name?



I have this recurring daydream. It's really very simple. I am sitting, sometimes laying down on my stomach reading a book. The world around is so very vibrant, but everything is tinged blue. The soft grass under me, the leaves on the trees. There is a small waterfall next to me creating white foam in… Continue reading Flying

If I Were A Billionaire…

I would buy a Barnes and Noble, stock included. I would then host an annual (biannual? monthly?) sleep over on which bookworms could spend the night surrounded by their favorites, talking about them with others who love them too and discovering new favorites. There would be tea/coffee, readings, maybe book signings. Maybe I could partner… Continue reading If I Were A Billionaire…

Picture Prompt- The Princess and the Witch

Once upon a time, there was a handsome king and a beautiful queen. They loved each other fiercely but there was one thing missing from their lives; a child. However, after many years of trying and some heartbreaking losses, they were gifted with a baby girl.  Because she brought so much light and Beauty to… Continue reading Picture Prompt- The Princess and the Witch