Funny How That Works

I started a story almost a year ago and had more than half of it outlined when I hit a snag with my bad guy. I hate villains who are evil just for the sake of being evil. There needs to be a valid reason, at least valid to them. I figured out why my… Continue reading Funny How That Works


Random Writer Confession

A lot of my main characters write. Or know someone who writes. Or read a lot. The reason for this is it's how I keep track of ideas. Every writer knows that the moment you get words on a page, approximately 56,792 other ideas pop up. If I can't use it in the story, and… Continue reading Random Writer Confession

If I Were A Billionaire…

I would buy a Barnes and Noble, stock included. I would then host an annual (biannual? monthly?) sleep over on which bookworms could spend the night surrounded by their favorites, talking about them with others who love them too and discovering new favorites. There would be tea/coffee, readings, maybe book signings. Maybe I could partner… Continue reading If I Were A Billionaire…