Once there was a girl. Her heart was the warmest in the land. She loved and was loved by all. Her life, though not perfect, was a happy one. Her family and friends knew her as a girl who had a smile for everyone. But they did not know she had a secret.

She was a warrior. She fought battles everyday, fierce battles against monsters. Wraiths who wanted to suck away her joy, sticky fingered imps who wanted to steal her peace. She knew the signs to look for, that let her know they were close. Her smile became harder to find, irritation bubbling to the surface at the slightest provocation. When she felt this, she knew to keep her guard up and to prepare.

She fought back with small things. She walked, consciously the feeling of sun on her skin. She ate good food, good for her and good tasting. She planted flowers, she baked cookies and muffins, she decorated her home. She had never lost a fight yet.

But winning was getting harder. She was getting tired.

To Be Continued…..

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