Funny How That Works

I started a story almost a year ago and had more than half of it outlined when I hit a snag with my bad guy.

I hate villains who are evil just for the sake of being evil. There needs to be a valid reason, at least valid to them. I figured out why my villain wanted what he wanted but I couldn’t figure out why his followers were behind him. Did they get something out of it, some reward or did they truly believe in his cause? I didn’t know so I set the story to the side.

I recently started another story but getting the words out was like pulling teeth. Then one day I woke with a thought that changed the entire thing. The characters were just there, I knew their names and their history, what they wanted and why.

And as I’m writing, I realize that this would work very well as a prequel to the story I had set aside earlier. And thinking about the old one coming after, is helping me figure out holes in the new one.

Funny how that works.


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