Took a walk along the Truckee River. I looked at this spot and had a thought. I could sit here on nice day and write. Or maybe read. I would sit and enjoy the peace and solitude. My mind would be in another world, one of my creation or maybe one of someone else’s imagination. For a while I would forget about time, obligations, responsibilities. The world and it’s problems would cease to exist. My world would consist of the bench underneath me, the background music of the flowing river, the wind flowing through the trees, and the page in front of me.

Then maybe someone would sit next to me. I would be annoyed at first, but it would be okay. He would just sit and enjoy the peace with me. Eventually it would be time for me to rejoin the real world. I would leave and we would smile but neither would actually speak.

I would not know it then but I would think about it years later, how I met the love of my life on a bench, and how we just sat and enjoyed the silence together.

Ireally want to go back to that bench.

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