A Part of Me

A part of me wants you to hurt.

A part of me wants you to cry.

A part of wants you to lie awake at night

Asking yourself why.

A part of me wants you to suffer,

For your heart to fill with pain.

A part of me wants you filled with regret,

Loneliness, and shame.

But a part of me knows better.

A part of me deep inside

Knows if anything happened to you

A part of me would die.

8 thoughts on “A Part of Me”

  1. This came from me being dumped by my best friend of nearly 10 years. I was going through a really hard time, and was literally about to message her on Facebook to say I could really use a friend and I couldn’t. She told a mutual friend it was my fault but I have no clue what I’m supposed to have done since there was no argument. Friendship is sacred to me so I took it pretty hard. I started thinking horrible things but I knew I didn’t mean it. Two weeks later, I wrote this.


  2. I have not. Looking back over our friendship 6 months after all I was letting a lot of things go that I shouldn’t have. The way she did it was wrong, but this is probably for the best. There’s no going back, so I just want to move forward.


  3. Coming from experience, I bumped into a former best friend of mine. 10 years. 10 years later I got the explanation I deserved. We’ve been best friends for nearly 15 years and one day out of the blue… nothing. Don’t wait that long to get the explanation you deserve otherwise at the back of your mind you’ll always wonder “why?”.


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