The End

It was almost time to close the door on this world. The lights have all gone out. One more name and I could rest.

I look at the list. This would be a challenge. She was my greatest friend and my oldest for.

I have spent centuries, millennia ushering this world’s creatures into the next one. Mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, the loved and the hated. I have heard so many pleas.
“I have so much left to do.”

“It’s not my time.”

“Why me?”

“I can’t leave my babies yet.”

Still, I take them.

I remember the first creature. So large it was, and beautiful. It was also in pain. I wanted to help. I gathered the soul into my arms, taking it with me to my realm where it would lay sleeping for a time.

Millennia passed and I collected many of her creations. Old, young, sick, healthy. Some resisted, some eagerly took my hand.

I followed the trail of light she left, leaving darkness in my wake. I found her standing before the door.

“I can’t. I am not ready to be done.” She is a fighter.

I take her hand. “You are not done.” I open the door onto the collection of sleeping souls. “You still have a job to do.”

She stepped through the door, resting her fingers on a soul. At her touch it filled with light, the creature awakening. It was the first I had taken, whole and new once more.

“It is time for you to begin again.”

I closed the door on the old world, sealing it shut forever. I crossed the last name off my list and sat down as Life awakened her creations.

I would not be needed in this new world.

Finally, I could rest.

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