I am moving to Carson City. In about 50 days I will be on a bus with my family traveling 2,384.3 miles away from here, according to Google.

It is a little bittersweet but more sweet than bitter. I have wanted to leave Alabama almost since we got here six and a half years ago. I am so excited to be going to a new place, to have new experiences, to begin a new life. I am a little sad about the things I will be leaving behind however.

No more finding Orion in the sky before going to bed. No more smelling peanuts on the breeze from the factories down the road. No more Harvest Day Festival, Daylily Festival. Goodbye boiled peanuts. Goodbye to my garden.

My family has moved around a lot my whole life and we never take more than clothes. That means most of my stuff will not be coming with me. Every day there’s something else I realize I will have to leave behind. Our televisions, my coffee maker, my shower curtain…My books.

Some of them will be coming with me while most will be donated or sold. This is actually the hardest thing. I know exactly which clothes I’m taking but the books…

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