Picture Prompt- The Princess and the Witch

Once upon a time, there was a handsome king and a beautiful queen. They loved each other fiercely but there was one thing missing from their lives; a child. However, after many years of trying and some heartbreaking losses, they were gifted with a baby girl. 

Because she brought so much light and Beauty to their lives they called her Rainbow. She grew up with a life filled with love and kindness and did her best to share that with everyone she came across.
One day her parents took her to a neighboring kingdom. There she met a prince. He was kind and generous, showing her all of his favorite places and sharing secrets and dreams. They were fast friends by the time Rainbow returned home.
They kept in touch throughout the years, trading letters in between visits. As they edged toward adulthood, their responsibilities for their kingdoms increased keeping them apart. In spite of this they continued to speak of love and a future together in the letters they shared. The prince held her heart with promises of someday.
Then came the time when all of Rainbow’s dreams were due to come true. She waited patiently for the day her prince would come asking for her hand. All the while she planned her wedding.
They would marry in the spring after the cold had left but before the heat set in. That way their guests would be comfortable. The flowers would be in bloom, the birds would be singing. It would be a beautiful day. 
Gazing out of her tower window she looked upon the village imagining the day and the people that would celebrate with her.
In a far corner of town there was a house. Isolated and dark, it was home to the town witch. At least, that was how she was known among the villagers. There were horrible stories told about her, tales intended to frighten children into good behavior. She was blamed for everything from lost tools and children’s toys to bad harvests and terrible storms.
Rainbow believed none of these rumors. Eliana was her most cherished friend. She knew that she could never do any real harm to anyone.
She brewed potions and poultices for those sick or injured. It was said that she could cure anything from headaches to heartaches.
During the long wait for the proposal, Rainbow frequently visited Eliana.
Then came the day when her parents sat her down to discuss her prince. 
This being a momentous occasion, she wanted to be wearing something memorable. She chose a demure white dress covered blue flowers. She walked into the room with a heart full of dreams that she knew were  about to come true.


The wedding happened on a beautiful day in the spring, after the cold but before the heat set in. As the groom kissed his bride, family and friends cheered. It was a moment before the crowd noticed someone else had entered the room. The cheers slowly died until all that was left was the click of heels.
She wore a dressed that seemed formed from fire. It matched the look in her eyes. She had a terrifying beauty. 
“Sorry I’m late, I wasn’t sure when to arrive, I couldn’t find my invitation.”
“You never received one,” the bride stated. “You weren’t wanted.”
“Not wanted?” The woman repeated. “Oh how awkward.” She gazed around in mock horror before letting out a chilling laugh.
The bride took a step towards her. “I think you should go.”
“Careful Sash,” the prince warned. “She’s dangerous.”
“My, my. Such a handsome prince. Such a handsome mouth, which spews such handsome lies.”
He paled as her eyes turned on him. “Wh-what, what do you mean?”
She simply said one word. “Rainbow.”
He swallowed, averting his gaze. Eliana recognized the shame in his face. She smiled.
“Maybe I should go. But not before leaving a gift.”
She threw back her shoulders, focusing on the couple. “My gift to you is complete honesty. From this point on, neither of you will ever be able to tell even the smallest lie to the other.”
The couple breathed a sigh of relief as she walked away, believing they had got off easy. 
In the days that followed, the truth came out. Hoping to strengthen his kingdom, the prince had chosen to break his promise to Rainbow to marry Princess Sasha, whose dowry was meant to be great. In truth, her kingdom was destitute. She had married him in hopes of gaining money and power.
The reality for both of them was not kind. Within a year, both kingdoms were beggared and the king and queen hated each other. Within a year and a half, both kingdoms were swearing fealty to Rainbow, hoping she would save them.
On a beautiful spring day, Queen Rainbow walked through the gardens with her dearest friend while her children ran ahead of her. Her husband, an honest man from the village, was seeing to the building of a new ship.
“I wonder what happened to my prince and his bride?” Rainbow asked.
Eliana smiled. “Honestly? Who knows?”

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