Review-Given to the Sea by Mindy McGinnis

Pages: 346

YA Fantasy


Rating: ❤❤❤


This the story of The Given, the Prince of Stille, the last two Indiri, and the Lithos of Pietra.

The Given, Khosa is from a line of women who are to be “given to the sea” to appease the sea and protect Stille and Hyllen, where she is trained, from a giant wave that would destroy everything. Her feet will one day carry her to Stille and her death against her will.

Hyllen is attacked by Pietra and she runs to Stille, and nearly into the ocean but is stopped because she has to have a child before she can be given. The Pietrans had killed off all of the Indiri except for Donil and Dara, twins who carry the memories of every person in their line.

Everything about this story felt like a beginning to me.

Everyone is wanting something they can’t have and they never get it in the end. Khosa lives but she marries Vincent, the prince, when she really wants Donil. Donil wants her too but he and Dara are committed to searching for other surviving Indiri so they can continue their race. Dara loves Vincent but could only ever hope to be his mistress as the Stilleans are prejudiced against the Indiri and would never allow her to be queen. Vincent is torn between Khosa and Dara, despite neither being a “suitable” choice, until he is forced to choose Khosa after the attack on Stille by Pietra. A wave washes away Pietras army and Khosa is given credit for saving them. The Lithos is the only survivor.

No one is really happy at the end of the story which is part of what makes me think it’s the beginning of a series. This is one of those books that I just get through because it lays the foundation necessary to understand the rest of what I am sure will be a great series.

I really hope there is more to come.

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