First to Read

Earlier last week I joined First to Read. This program from Penguin Random House allows you to request copies of books months before they are released and it’s 100% free.

How it works is you join, check which kind of books you are interested in and then you can request early access to books on offer. You get points for joining, for reading excerpts, for being an active member. At least once a month, you’ll get an email telling you which books are on offer. You request it then after a certain amount of time, you find out if you were chosen to receive it or not. You can use points to guarantee you get the copy you requested.

So far, I love this. I get to be the first to read books and all they ask in return is that I tell them what I think of it. 

I received my first digital galley, Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel,  a few days ago. I’m about halfway through and there are a few things that bother me but for the most part I really like it. I only stop for sleep and work. I must know all of this twisted family’s secrets.

Now, I have to finish.


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