Peace of Mind

There are certain books that you always turn to in times of trouble. They give you hope and soothe your soul. When it feels like everything is happen too fast and all at once, they help you slow down and return your peace. I call them–because I am just so creative–Peace of Mind books.

The books that fill this need for me are usually cotton candy books. They are light and sweet. They don’t require too much thinking to follow the story. This doesn’t mean they don’t have substance though.

My go-to PoM book is one that had a hand in making me who I am. A Little Princess taught me so much. Growing up, I was the typical little girl who dreamed of somehow becoming princess. However, I didn’t have much. This book was the first one to give me the idea that I could be a princess anyway, and in fact, already was one. It was also the first to present to me the idea that being a princess was more about kindness and caring than living in a castle and riding horses.

When Sara Crewe loses everything, she still manages to keep positive. She isn’t blind to the bad, she just chooses to search for the good. This is something nine year old me needed when I felt like I had nothing. It’s something I need now.

I also love the happy ending. When it feels like the world is crashing down, I need a happy ending, I need to know everything can turn out okay in the end. 

“Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing,” Mary Margaret said in the Once Upon a Time pilot.

I agree with her. Just believing it’s possible, that it can happen for me, is sometimes the only thing that helps me make it through. Sara Crewe and A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett help me believe in happy endings. This little book is my calm in the storm and always leaves my mind at peace. There are other books that give me peace as well, but this is my first choice.

What about you? What book(s) give you peace when everything happens all at once?

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